Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Monsters of Folk, The Troxy, 17/11/2009

An energetic set, to say the least, they played 33 songs, including MOF album tracks along with each of their individual band/solo material. M Ward's tracks, particularly 'Vincent O'Brien' and 'To Save Me' were a lot heavier live and worked well in the larger venue, which Jim James described as the decadent 1920s meets the 1980s (in reference to the art deco theatre's Miami Vice colour scheme). Conor played several earlier Bright Eyes tracks, such as We Are Nowhere And It's Now, Kathy with a K, At The Bottom of Everything and Another Travelin' Song, so I was very pleased. I've only listened to one My Morning Jacket album (Z), and I was really happy to have heard more of Jim James' work.

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